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Both Gen Z and Millennials alike have all started to slowly hate on LinkedIn — simply put, they just trust in it much less than they once used to.

And when Twitter accounts like @LinkedinFlex get created and devoted Reddit communities like LinkedInLunatics come together, this weariness that people feel toward the site becomes obviously clear.

So left to their own faculties, job seekers and by default now even companies are starting to consider and make video resumes a thing.

The benefit of the countless short-form video resumes that can now be found on social media is that it gives real context to hiring companies — it also provides candidates with the newfound ability to cut thru the tired “Forbes 30 under 30” virtue signaling.

The dope idea here is to not just create a dedicated “TikTok for Resumes” — but to marry the concept of social discovery into surfacing potential hires across multiple relevant platforms.

In a quick 15, 30, to 60 second video introduction a recruiter can quickly get an understanding of who a person really is and discern beyond what’s just on paper and be able to get insight into factors like interest, excitement, aspirations, and more.

A developer for example could speak to all the cool apps they’re developing, or hone in on some crazy problem they just had to work thru in their current role.

The core mission here is simple — to get to know potential candidates by using authentic short-form video resumes.

So while for example #resume.jennifer would of course live on the core app, this same hashtag resume could also live on Jennifer’s other social channels. As an artist, #resume.jennifer could live on Jennifer’s DeviantArt, Behance, and Dribbble accounts as well.

This gives recruiters an easy lever to pull to dive deeper into the experience of a candidate that they may have found on the core app — but also allows them to work in reverse as it opens up a pool of candidates to any recruiter who may have initiated their search from a site like Dribbble.

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